The One-Stop Shop Sterilizer, Everyone Should Have In The Home – SterilOx

Whether it’s a Spring Clean or a Quarantine Clean, it is certainly the activity that we are doing more of at the moment. As more of us are living our day to day lives in the comfort of our homes, chances are you’ll be needing to run your hoover or duster around a little more than usual. It can be slightly overwhelming if you’re not a natural Monica-type character and so whether you like to take things room by room or work on a room per day, the choice is yours. One thing we know for sure is that there is something remarkably satisfying about a freshly cleaned house, now more than ever before.


“Aside from a clean home, it is fair to say that we are all being that little bit more diligent and conscious about the things we touch than usual, given the current time. It is important to not forget about all of the small things and areas where germs can linger that we can easily forget about. Keeping everything more sanitised and disinfected regularly has never been more prevalent.”


With this in mind, we bring you some tips and much recommended product, to ensure your humble abode and belongings sparkle and shine with ease, in turn giving you some peace of mind that you are keeping your loved ones as safe and healthy as can be.


Don’t forget to clean and sanitise:


* Phone

* Kids toys

* TV remote controls

* Keys

* Laptop or computer

* Handbag / purse

* Door handles

* Oven and fridge door handles

* Microwave touchpad

* Coffee maker

* Light Switches

* Credit cards

* Stair Banisters


It may sound like a mission with all of the other areas on your to-clean list but fear not, the best part is that you can clean ALL of these items and more besides with just one wonder product – SterilOx.


Maintaining a clean and sterile home has never been easier with this multi-use product that can be used on absolutely everything! From sanitizing your hands, your fresh fruit and veg, A/C ducts and children’s toys, to disinfecting your work surfaces, tables, furniture and even your cars, SterilOx is the only product that you need. Certified in being 99.99% effective against COVID-19, the disinfectant and sterilizer is one is 100% safe and rinse-free, meaning all you need to do is spray and go. The spray is also skin contact safe, non-irritating, non-staining and eco-friendly. It is non-damaging on any surface and perfect for everyday use.


Available from, and, prices start from just AED35. Happy cleaning!