SterilOx is an electrochemically activated aqueous solution, a result of the correlation between electrical voltages, chemical reactions and mutual conversions of chemical and electrical energy, based on a technology developed and invented in Russia.

Natural process

Compared to conventional disinfectants and treatment chemicals, SterilOx uses natural elements in the activation process, and has been repeatedly proven to be safe and non-toxic to humans and animals. Its main properties working against bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, yeasts and molds. Proven efficacy in the elimination and control of biofilm makes SterilOx a powerful ally in the prevention of food contamination and cross-contamination whilst still maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

How it works?

SterilOx creates a hostile environment, where microbes and viruses cannot multiply and thrive, mimicking the human immune system.


SterilOx products are based on Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which is one of the most potent and natural disinfectants that can be found, with a rapid and prolonged action time.