Natural Disinfection provider in dubai

Many diseases are spread by harmful viruses, so, it is important to use natural disinfection rather than household cleaners that contain strong and harmful chemicals, whether you are concerned about potential health risks, environmental impacts, or potential health risks. Disinfecting the home with natural disinfection is a daunting task.

Natural Disinfection provider in dubai

Natural disinfection is not only better for your health but it is safer for children, animals, and the environment which is why SterilOx produces environmentally friendly cleaning products. Natural disinfection is often just as effective as chemicals if used correctly.

So what is the correct way to use natural disinfection? Is it effective? What are the materials that SterilOx used in their natural disinfection?

What are the materials that are used in SterilOx natural disinfection provider in dubai?

All disinfectants, including natural, are the most effective if used on a surface that has been cleaned with soapy water to remove all dirt and bacteria. There is much natural disinfection like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and hot water, and they are more effective if you know how to use them in your home.

Alcohol: kills germs by breaking down cell walls, but it is only effective if used in high concentrations. Many household cleaners contain at least 60% alcohol.

Vinegar: is often referred to as natural disinfection, and although it does have some antiseptic properties, it is not as effective as alcohol. The main ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid, which helps break down grime and can reduce bacteria on dirty surfaces.

Barley vinegar reduced susceptibility to infection with the influenza virus and helped kill the bacteria that cause TB.

Hot water: effectively kills bacteria and viruses, but the water temperature should be at least 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (66 °C). Boiled water at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 °C) is used to kill pathogens when food is cooked or reheated.

Does that SterilOx natural disinfection provider in dubai effective?

No matter how many components of natural disinfection, there are different quality, as disinfectants are cleaned, but for a limited period, and we must mix more than one type to create a solution that eliminates bacteria. So SterilOx invented an electrolytic solution, which is the result of the connection of electric voltages, chemical reactions, and the mutual transfer of chemical and electrical energy, which was first invented in Russia. SterilOx basically creates an environment hostile to microbes and viruses that prevent their reproduction.

Natural Disinfection provider in dubai

What are the materials that SterilOx used in their natural disinfection?

SterilOx is based on HOCl, one of the most effective and natural disinfectants 100%, easy to use and safe, no protective equipment required, no health and safety risks, no rinsing after use, cost-effective. SterilOx kills bacteria, viruses, and viral germs, Long-lasting, versatile action with the best natural disinfection processes.

These days, the demand for both natural and synthetic disinfectants has grown exponentially. You might have noticed there are hardly any products left on store shelves, and even though manufacturers are increasing their production, the supply is expected to remain a bit. Detergent is not disinfectant, and it is unable to disinfect surfaces, but disinfectant is a vital part of the natural disinfection process, and our cleaners cannot kill this virus.