Looking For The Best Sanitizer in Dubai?

The Covid-19 Pandemic increased the global awareness and importance of basic hygiene, and seemingly overnight, sanitation experts appeared everywhere. This made it difficult to discern fake news’ from valid advice, and potential ‘cures’. But with a virus that is proving increasingly difficult to understand, protective measures aren’t something one wants to leave to chance. Looking for the best sanitizer in Dubai for example requires customers to do a bit of research and ensure that their provider has a track record of supplying a quality product. 

Looking For The Best Sanitizer in Dubai?

Granted, strict pharmaceutical regulations in the UAE means that finding the best sanitizer in Dubai isn’t as hard as elsewhere in the world. Indeed, internet-based enterprises and online retailers such as Amazon had to issue alerts against sellers of counterfeit masks, sanitisers, and cleaning products. Luckily, that wasn’t such a huge problem in the UAE, but for those who might be travelling abroad, here are a few things you should know. 

Buy Hand Sanitisers Online From Sites You Can Trust

Because of lockdowns and restrictions on movement, many customers are forced to do much of their shopping online. This, in turn, leaves them open to buying unsafe/unlicensed products, especially when the brands they trust aren’t available. So be on the lookout for:

  • Products containing banned substances: Some illegal hand sanitisers contain a substance called Gluteral (aka glutaraldehyde) which was internationally banned in 2014 for irritating the eyes and skin, as well as the throat and intestines if swallowed
  • Hand sanitisers with no labelling making it impossible to ascertain if the contents contained any dangerous substances
  • Counterfeits of well-known brand names (usually you’ll be able to spot a few spelling mistakes)
  • Products missing a Product License Number (PL Code) but which list pathogens such as Covig-19 that they are supposedly effective against

How To Choose The Best Sanitizer in dubai?

In some places, demand exceeds supply which is what led to sub-standard products being available for sale in the first place. So what should you be looking out for if you’re searching for the best sanitizer in Dubai?

  • An effective hand sanitiser has between 60% and 95% alcohol as the active ingredient. Note that on some labels, this may be listed as ‘ethanol’, ‘isopropyl alcohol’ or ‘ ethyl alcohol’
  • Be wary of any brands that claim to contain an alternative disinfecting ingredient (e.g. coconut oil)
  • Remember that how you use it matters: Coat the hands entirely, and then let them air-dry naturally. Wiping it off before it dries reduces its effectiveness
  • Even the best sanitizer in Dubai is no substitute for washing your hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds. This way, you’ll be killing both the bacteria (e.g. from playing sports or gardening), as well as viruses.
Best Sanitizer in Dubai
What Makes SterilOx The Best Sanitation Provider In Dubai?

Quite simply: Because we’re not all doom-and-gloom when it comes to staying safe amidst a global pandemic. We have spent decades researching, testing, and pioneering innovations within the industry. As a result, we have a wide range of products that exceed international as well as regional standards. Our certification includes:

  • Eco-Friendly Certificate issued by the Middle East Testing Services
  • GMP Certified for Good Manufacturing Practice 
  • Approved supplier for Disinfectant Sanitisers Certification issued by the Public Health & Safety Department ( Dubai Municipality). 
sterilox Best Sanitizer in Dubai

Clearly, our track record and industry accreditation speak volumes. However, it’s our commitment to service delivery and product diversification that makes us stand out. We have a wide range of products suitable for small households as well as large corporations; private use as well as commercial. Add all of these factors together, and you’ll see why we provide both the best hand sanitizer in Dubai, but across the region too!