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Eco-friendly and effective.

Our products are 100% user friendly, eco-friendly and effective


Simplify your supply chain with SterilOX, use our solutions for various purposes.

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Remove bad odors, including smoke from indoor and outdoor sources, as well as trash, burnt food odors in less than minutes

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What is Sterilox and why it is good for you?

We made sanitation 100% safe, eco-friendly and as effective as possible. No need for rinsing after use of SterilOX, just spray and enjoy a safe and clean environment!

99.99% effective in minutes, SterilOx kills all bacteria, viruses, biofilm, spore and fungi including but not limited to MRSA, Staph, Listeria, Salmonella, E-Coli and more…

Remove the scent of bad odors including smoke, indoor/outdoor smells of trash, burnt-on food, pungent kitchen smell and even public/private toilet odors. In addition, SterilOx can remove the smell of pets from any furniture and carpets, as well as effective in your car!

Introducing Sterilox:

Water treatment
Waste management
Facilities management
Paultry & Dairy farming
Agriculture & Food industry


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